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Matt Metal - Scrap Metal & Waste Disposal

Matt Metal -

Matt Metal prides itself on its friendly service and impeccable customer care. With a large customer base and many longstanding clients, our true attention to detail generates business from all corners of the UK.
Not only does selling your scrap metal to Matt Metal have its financial advantages, it's also beneficial for the planet. Bringing your scrap metals to our scrapyard will not only protect natural resources, but it will also reduce pollution, and minimise hazardous materials in landfills.

What we guarantee our clients:

  • Flexibility
  • Excellent prices
  • Verified weighing on electronic scales
  • Reliable classification of goods
  • Punctuality
  • Fast payments.
Matt Metal is also a dynamic company providing a fully licensed waste disposal service across London. We provide fast and professional customer service, we are well organised, always punctualand and reliabile.
Our drivers can assist you during loading. We offer free quote! If you are interested in fast waste disposal.
CALL! We're taking more than a skip!!