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Best Prices! Highly accurate electronic scales. Fast payments

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Aluminium, Copper and more. Electronics, kitchen, bathroom.

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Garden Waste, Comunal Waste, Commercial Waste


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local Metal Recycling

Scrap Metal Recycling

Scrap metal collection in London. Accurate electronic scales, fast payments. We are green, certified and offering competitive prices. Turn your trash into cash! Please see below for types of metal we collect. Feel free to call us today for a free quote.
Metal Recycling

Scrap Metal Collection

If you’re looking for a respected scrap metal collection company, you’ve come to the right place. We accept a vast range of metals. From Aluminium, Copper to zinc and cables. Domestic and commercial scrap, from electronics, kitchen appliances to pipes and car parts.
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Wait & Load London

We offer domestic and commercial waste collection available under our Wait & Load service. Are you living or working in London? This service is a perfect solution for you. From garden waste collection to home appliances and more. Call today for more details.
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Waste Removal

Our prices are competitive and offer an perfect alternative to skip. For our customers we offer a fleet of 3.5 tone vehicles (12 yards) and (16 yards) that can pick up same day. Contact our friendly team who offer rubbish removal and waste disposal on a same day basis.
We do NOT collect - refrigerators, tires, asbestos, gas cylinders
Collection : Mon - Sat, 7am to 8pm   Booking : Mon - Sat, 7am to 5pm

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Scrap Metal Collection, Metal Recycling, Fast Garden Waste Collection & Disposal.
We are honest, reliable, punctual company from West Drayton, West London.

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  • ! - We pay top money
  • ! - We use large and highly accurate electronic scales up to 300kg
  • ! - Customers satisfaction is our No1 goal
  • ! - Honest and reliable cooperation
  • ! - Fast money transfer
Metal recycling

Scrap Metal Collection


Brazier copper, Bright copper wire, Car radiators, Copper cables, Electro copper, Fittings, Hot Water cylinders, Pipes, Tubes, Wire of all grades and Electric motors.


We accept all types of brass including: Mixed Brass, Brass Cuttings, Brass Swarf, Hair Wire, Radiators (brass and copper) and Rod scrap.


We accept all types of cables including: Household cables, Low Grade cable, Armoured cable and much more.


We accept and recycle one of the most dynamic metal scrap products in Zinc. The product has the potential to be recycled and our team will use their expertise in to offer you the most competitive price.


We buy all sorts of aluminium scrap and it is one the most used metals around the globe. We strive to do their best to provide the most competitive aluminium scrap prices and aluminium recycling is a growing part of our business.


Call or visit us and we will offer you competitive scrap lead prices. We accept but are not limited to products such as: Scrap lead pipes and Lead acid batteries.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel it is one of our most popular scrap metal recycling products and we will do our best to offer you the most competitive brass scrap price.


At MattMetal we will also purchase various types of scrap iron. We’re able to accept and offer a price on iron scrap such as: Cast Iron, Light iron and Mixed steel.

Scrap Metal Marchants

for more details visit our pages or call our office

Rubbish removal

Builders Waste Collection

Scrap Metal Recycling

Scrap Metal Bin 16yd - 35yd

Metal Recycling

  • Best prices in London
  • Highly accurate electric scales
  • Fast money transfer
077 4907 0532

Tipper 3.5T 12yd

Van Load

rubbish recycling tipper 3.5

  • Full Load - £330
  • 3/4 Load - £330
  • 1/2 Load - £180
  • 1/3 Load - £140
  • 1/4 Load - £120
  • 1/5 Load - £90
  • Soil £200 max 70 bags
  • Hardcore £180 max 80 bags
  • Mattress - extra charge of £35
077 4907 0532

Hook Loader 12T 16yd

Truck Load

rubbish hook loader

  • Mixed Rubbish £440
  • Soil £300 max 180 bags
  • Hardcore £300 max 200 bags
077 4907 0532
We do NOT collect - refrigerators, tires, asbestos, gas cylinders
Collection : Mon - Sat, 7am to 8pm   Booking : Mon - Sat, 7am to 5pm

Our Waste Disposal service is an almost instant solution to house clearance, or getting rid of unsightly or dangerous rubbish and typically works out much less expensive than a skip. And, you can avoid the inconvenience of having a skip on your property or in the road.

Scrap Metal Recycling, Waste Recycling, Scrap Metal Collection London
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Email: sales@mattmetal.co.uk

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